First Sponsored Concert with Sara Magenta Schneyer in Berlin-Pankow

4. May 2015

The theme of the concert series “Sounds of Hope” (“Klänge in Hoffnung”) hosted by the Hoffnungskirche (Church of Hope) in Berlin-Pankow is also a fitting description for the impressive voice                     
of the 27-year-old soprano Sara Magenta Schneyer, one of the two young recipients of the 2014 sponsorship prizes from our Johann Sebastian Bach Foundation. At her concert on 25 April 2015 she performed Bach’s Easter and Ascension Oratorios, as well as pieces from the cantatas BWV 66, 130, 145, 6 and 128. Already in the first aria of the Easter Oratorio, Seele, deine Spezereien sollen nicht mehr Myrrhen sein, she delighted the ears and hearts of the numerous audience members with her expressively beautiful, instrumentally led soprano voice with stunning high notes and impeccable articulation. Experienced in the field of baroque music, Schneyer allows her voice to vibrate naturally. This quality enabled her to bring comforting and alluring expression to the closing aria of the Ascension Oratorio, Jesu, deine Gnadenblicke kann ich doch beständig sehn.

Organisers interested in booking the soprano for performances, preferably of Bach cantatas, can contact the office of the Johann Sebastian Bach Foundation in Leipzig regarding funding opportunities.

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