New Bach Society

For more than 100 years the New Bach Society  (Neue Bachgesellschaft e.V.), founded in 1900, has been connecting people interested in the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach. This is an internationally operating association based in Leipzig with its main purpose to maintain and spread the music of Bach and to explore the life, work and influence of this brilliant musician. Therefore many Bach Festivals are held yearly all over Germany and regular publications are offered, especially the yearly Bach Yearbook which was first published in 1904.

Bachhaus EisenachThe Bachhouse in Eisenach
In 1906 the New Bach Society bought the house in Eisenach that was presumed to be the birthplace of J.S. Bach. Since 1907, the residence at the Frauenplan in Eisenach, which is now over 600 years old, has been used as a museum. Its purpose is to provide information about Johann Sebastian Bach to the public and to care for his music.